Benefits of custom build exhausts

  • Exhaust systems built exactly the way you want it!
  • Choose the look, sound, aesthetic, drive feel and power output you want.
  • Customise with a choice of over 6000 variants of muffler.
  • Each exhaust is handmade and unique to you and your car.
  • Custom cat-back exhausts, muffler-delete, true dual exhausts, and anything - and everything - else you can imagine!
  • Same day service - Lifetime guarantee.

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Introduction to Topgear Eurosport

  • Topgear Eurosport is an alliance of the best in custom built exhausts from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Local expertise and international experience combine in a formal partnership between UK exhaust leaders Topgear and some of the USA's finest independent exhaust specialists.
  • From the race track to the driveway, Topgear Eurosport custom built exhausts are perfectly matched to the demands of your vehicle.
  • We leverage our industry-leading lifetime guarantee and expertise to create the finest stainless steel exhausts all over the world.

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Leo's Auto Service
Leo's Auto Service

1562 W Forest St
Brigham City

t: +1 435-723-7791

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Our Story...

Grandpa Leo started this business in 1961, a little shop in Corinne, UT, and now 55+ years later we have this state of the art new facility to serve the community of Brigham City. Leo’s Auto is a 1 stop shop. Offering services of tires, alignments, state inspections, oil changes, all manner of general repairs and factory scheduled maintenance. We install Jasper engines and transmissions. We do exhaust repair, mufflers, and custom exhaust work. We would like to thank all of our loyal and new customers that we are serving every day for helping us get to this point. We pride ourselves on customer service

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