Benefits of custom build exhausts

  • Exhaust systems built exactly the way you want it!
  • Choose the look, sound, aesthetic, drive feel and power output you want.
  • Customise with a choice of over 6000 variants of muffler.
  • Each exhaust is handmade and unique to you and your car.
  • Custom cat-back exhausts, muffler-delete, true dual exhausts, and anything - and everything - else you can imagine!
  • Same day service - Lifetime guarantee.

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Introduction to Topgear Eurosport

  • Topgear Eurosport is an alliance of the best in custom built exhausts from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Local expertise and international experience combine in a formal partnership between UK exhaust leaders Topgear and some of the USA's finest independent exhaust specialists.
  • From the race track to the driveway, Topgear Eurosport custom built exhausts are perfectly matched to the demands of your vehicle.
  • We leverage our industry-leading lifetime guarantee and expertise to create the finest stainless steel exhausts all over the world.

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Madenford Spring & Auto

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Our Story...

Our Story

Madenford Spring & Auto opened its doors in 1914, located in Pottsville PA. The current owners, Glenn & Julie Putcher purchase the business in 1994 and relocated to 80 Water St., Fredonia in 2008.

Madenford Spring & Auto is a Registered Motor Vehicle Repair Shop and Certified State Inspection Stations. Working on cars, pick-ups, buses, big trucks, tractor trailers, motor homes and everything in between.